• Reshape whole personality with Yoga Nidra

    Let go of habitual tendencies

    Be born anew

  • De-stress with Yoga Nidra

    Ultimate tool to get rid of

    stress, depression & fear

  • Go deeper with Yoga Nidra

    Explore the realms of subconscious mind

    Access immense potentiality


What is Yoga Nidra?

what-is-yoganidra (1)Yoga Nidra is an ancient tantric method, which can open up the latent potentiality of the human mind. Yoga Nidra literally means yogic sleep which in essence is conscious sleep or rather, dynamic sleep. Normally, when people sleep, they do not unburden totally. They carry their frustrations, conflict, pain, and turmoil with them, hence, sleep never goes deep. It is a kind of deep sleep in which you don’t lose consciousness; it is sleep with a trace of awareness. In this state the mind is tremendously relaxed and open to suggestions. The practice of Yoga Nidra not only relaxes, releases all muscular, emotional and mental tensions but restructures and reforms our whole personality from within. It burns away habitual negative tendencies and in a way one is born anew with every Yoga Nidra session.

Why Yoga Nidra ?


De-stress & Relax

It is a science of relaxation which enables to dive deep into the realms of sub-conscious mind thereby releasing all stress and tensions.

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Be Free From Fear

Yoga Nidra helps destroy all afflictions lying deep in the subconscious and unconscious mind, including phobias, fear and neurosis.


Unleash Creativity

Underlying creativity and inherent talents get unleashed with the consistent practice of Yoga Nidra, as one gets physical, mental, emotional relaxation which integrates the mind.


Enhance Receptivity

Yoga Nidra enhances your ability to learn, grasp and remember anything new, for it gives access to sub-conscious mind which is responsible for all learning.


Overcome Insomnia

For those who suffer from insomnia, there cannot be anything better than Yoga Nidra. It is a boon for such people. Experience to believe.


Grow & Evolve

It is a unique method of meditation and is an extremely useful state for enhancing one’s evolution. Yoga Nidra is for all seekers and those who wish to experience higher states of consciousness.

How Yoga Nidra Relieves Stress?

Stress has become an almost inevitable consequence of the travails of modern living. And stress is the biggest factor contributing to widespread prevalence of ailments like heart diseases, hypertension, insomnia, depression, anxiety to name but a few. Most of the mental disturbances and psychosomatic diseases that people have these days are secondary to the fact that our mind is not stable, mot balanced and we don’t know how to access the immense potentiality of our mind. Yoga Nidra is a practice which brings the deeper layers of the psyche into conscious experience, leading to complete relaxation on all levels – physical, emotional and psychological. This directly affects glandular functioning which means a better health and higher levels of energy.

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Methodology of Yoga Nidra

Experience of Yoga Nidra Practitioners

Its like magic sleep … In just 40 minutes of practice I felt so relaxed and free, which I do not feel after having sleep at night also. I do it daily and recommend to all of you to do the same ….

Savita Kalra
Savita Kalra, IT Professional

After practicing it for past 2 months, I have seen lots of changes in me … I used to be quite hyper at my work place but now I feel a calmness and my work efficiency has also improved a lot … It works at the level of mind …

John Doe
John Doe, Architecht

Creativity starts flowing …. Earlier I gets lost in my thoughts and was unable to deliver new concepts, which my work demands, but now I have observed a whole new transformation in my self , full of energy, ideas and they flow like anything … thanks to Gurumaa for giving us this ancient gift ….

Pooja Batra, Graphic Designer

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