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Stress has become an almost inevitable consequence of the travails of modern living. And stress is the biggest factor contributing to widespread prevalence of ailments like heart diseases, hypertension, insomnia, depression, anxiety to name but a few. Most of the mental disturbances and psychosomatic diseases that people have these days are secondary to the fact that our mind is not stable, mot balanced and we don’t know how to access the immense potentiality of our mind.

It is always mind over matter. A disturbed, unstable mind will inevitably lead to disturbed functioning of the body. So it goes without saying that a healthy mind is the key to a healthy body. These days, people have increased awareness towards taking care of their body and the health conscious ones do try to take care of their diet, exercising etc. However, there is still insufficient awareness in maintaining a healthy mind and coping with stress.

Yog Nidra is a practice which brings the deeper layers of the psyche into conscious experience. This brings deeper relaxation on all levels – physical, emotional and psychological. This directly affects glandular functioning which means a better health and higher levels of energy.

When muscular tensions are released, it rectifies imbalances of the nervous system and endocrine system. When emotional tensions are released, we come out of all dualities: love-hate, pain-pleasure to name a few. But when these emotions are repressed, we lose our sanity and stability. Mental tensions are a result of excessive mental activity. Yog Nidra is such a science of relaxation which enables us to dive deep into the realms of sub-conscious mind thereby releasing all tensions.

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