Yoga Nidra Workshops

Experience speaks for itself. And Yoga Nidra workshops are all about Yoga Nidra Workshopexperiencing the depths of relaxation and heights of consciousness. They are conducted to acquaint the participants with its ancient origin, simple methodology and profound experience. It also brings to light the in-depth understanding about stress and how consistent practice of Yoga Nidra raises one to a level that stress cannot even touch upon. Having helped quite a many to evolve consciously and sail through the challenges of life with ease, so far these workshops have been held in schools, colleges and companies. Be it students, aspiring youngsters or ambitious professionals, people of all age groups can practice and lead a life of purpose rather than passing through life in a mundane way.

If you would like to organise one such workshop in your institution, you can contact us with your details. Please note that it can be conducted for a group of at least 25 participants.

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Experience of Yoga Nidra Practitioners

Its like magic sleep … In just 40 minutes of practice I felt so relaxed and free, which I do not feel after having sleep at night also. I do it daily and recommend to all of you to do the same ….

Savita Kalra
Savita Kalra, IT Professional

After practicing it for past 2 months, I have seen lots of changes in me … I used to be quite hyper at my work place but now I feel a calmness and my work efficiency has also improved a lot … It works at the level of mind …

John Doe
John Doe, Architecht

Creativity starts flowing …. Earlier I gets lost in my thoughts and was unable to deliver new concepts, which my work demands, but now I have observed a whole new transformation in my self , full of energy, ideas and they flow like anything … thanks to Gurumaa for giving us this ancient gift ….

Pooja Batra, Graphic Designer